We rate each croissant based on the following five characteristics, assigning a score from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) for each. We also provide a brief explanation for each score to substantiate our assessment.

1. Appearance

We evaluate the croissant’s visual appeal, including color, shape, and size. We look for a golden-brown color, a crescent shape with well-defined layers, and an appropriate size.

2. Aroma

We assess the croissant’s aroma, which should be rich and buttery with a hint of yeastiness. We take note of any off or unappealing odors.

3. Texture

We consider both the exterior and interior textures of the croissant. We assess the balance between the two textures. The exterior should be crisp and flaky, while the interior should be soft, tender, and moist with clearly visible layers.

4. Flavor

We taste the croissant and evaluate its overall flavor. It should be buttery, slightly sweet. We note any imbalances or off-flavors that detract from the overall taste.

5. Mouthfeel

We evaluate the croissant’s mouthfeel, considering its chewiness, lightness, and moisture levels. The croissant should be neither too chewy nor too crumbly and should leave a pleasant, clean aftertaste.

Tallying Scores and Final Evaluation

Once we have assigned scores for each characteristic, we tally the scores to determine the overall rating. The maximum possible score is 25 points.

  • 23-25 points: Exceptional
  • 20-22 points: Excellent
  • 17-19 points: Good
  • 13-16 points: Average
  • Below 13 points: Poor