My name is Oleksii Avramenko, and in 2019, I launched my own bakery specializing in croissants. Regrettably, I overestimated my capabilities and finances, closing the bakery. I am passionate about croissants, as they are incomparable. The croissant is the tastiest pastry, and it is perfect. It fulfills all the sensory needs essential for human pleasure since it engages all the senses.

Eyes – an attractive croissant glazed beautifully.

Smell – the fantastic aroma of butter combined with a hint of acidity.

Touch – the shape and delightful texture, complemented by the warmth of freshly baked croissants

Sound – the crisp sound when you squeeze it.

Taste is the culmination of all the previous elements, resulting in the ultimate pleasure and enjoyment.

I am thrilled to show my croissants, which I have put so much effort and passion into making.

These golden-brown pastries are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, with their flaky layers and buttery aroma.

The website aims to collect the most significant number of croissant facts, establish a community of croissant fans, and compile a catalog of the tastiest croissants in the USA.

I dream of opening a bakery in New York City one day.